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Brake Overhaul Kit

Restoring your car? Brakes not quite as you would like them? Braking effort uneven / pulling to one side? Treat your Triumph with our kit:

Kit consists of:  Model Type: Price 
  • 2 x front brake caliper

  • 2 x front brake disc

  • 4 x front brake pads

  • 1 x front brake pin & fitting kit 

  • 2 x front brake flexihoses

  • 4 x rear brake shoe

  • 2 x rear wheel cylinder

  • 4 x rear drum attachment screw 

  • 2 x rear brake flexihose

  • 1 x master cylinder service kit

Herald to GA229454 / SpitfireI/II / Vitesse6 254.00
Herald from GA229454 / Herald 13/60 / SpitfireIII/IV/1500  219.00
Vitesse2L / GT6 / TR4-TR6 289.00
TR7 / 2000/2500/ Dolomite & Sprint 249.00
Stag 339.00

All prices exclude VAT

Calipers are sold on a surcharge basis, see here for further details

Upgrade to Aeroquip stainless braided brake flexihose for an extra 20 see here for more information about these

Want anything removed from the kit to reduce the price? - No problem just ask

Don't skimp on the quality of your brake caliper rebuilds - ours are built by Brake Engineering


We feel it is important to use the best available quality components in your braking system, the quality of our components is second to none. All are brake products are manufactured in the EEC and conform to ISO9002 (UK), T.U.V (Germany), & Federal A.A.M.V.A (USA). Our brake calipers are supplied by dedicated specialists Brake Engineering



We can supply all kits except 2000/2500 with Kevlar "Greenstuff" front brake pads if required, this adds 25.00 to the cost of the kit. See here for further details.

Sales Hotline 020 8854 4777


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